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Chase Bays Brake Booster Eliminator

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Our infamous brake booster eliminator/delete kit!


Full replacement kit of the OEM brake booster and master cylinder. Includes anodized aluminum firewall plate, all stainless hardware needed, black Wilwood master cylinder, and pedal adapter Aluminum firewall plate that mounts the Wilwood master cylinder is available in clear anodized with a black laser etched Chase Bays logo, or black anodized with a white laser etched Chase Bays logo Whether it be to free up engine bay space, delete rear brakes, or to improve the look of your engine bay. Our brake booster eliminator kit is a great product to suit your needs. A 100% complete quality kit includes everything you need to replace your OEM brake booster and master cylinder. The plate has a sleek design that looks great and functions even better; and requires no cutting or fab work. We exclusively use a Wilwood compact combination master cylinder in black. This newer master cylinder design has the same braking power as the original Wilwood combination master cylinders but half the size! We get so many questions regarding the functionality of this kit so keep reading it and all of your questions should be answered.

Will my brakes still work and how is the pedal feel?

Of course! We would not sell a braking product if it didn’t work. Functionally the car stops in the around the same amount of time. If your brakes are in working order and are 100% bled properly you will not lose any performance in that department. In this kit the main change is the pedal feel. It is definitely a much stiffer pedal feel and does require a bit more leg pressure. It is still very streetable and very easy to get used to. Not only have we tested it ourselves and proved its greatness but out of the hundreds of customers who have purchased it no one had any complaints. One drive down the street and your used to the changes.

Why do you use a 7/8 master cylinder instead of a 1+ inch? Wouldn’t this be the perfect time to upgrade?

Although a valid question, bigger is not better in this case. With our sub 3000lb cars the 7/8 master cylinder is a perfect match. Getting rid of the power booster definitely changes how your braking system feels and works. Say you put a 1 inch master cylinder in your 2300lb car. You go to press the pedal down its feels like a rock (not the song) The pedal is too stiff to get the car to brake efficiently. Why is that? Well, without the power booster you’re getting raw braking. The pedal hooks directly to the master cylinder, and that master cylinder controls everything. The 1 inch master cylinder definitely has more braking power but your foot is the one that pushes that power out of it. With a sub 3000lb car it doesn’t have the weight behind it to accept the extra power that master cylinder puts out. Your brakes would feel too responsive while killing your leg. So with all of our R&D, the 7/8ths cylinder proved to be the crowed favorite.

Does this kit work with my OEM brakelines?

No. You can purchase one of our Brake line kits to assist you, you have a few different options above in the dropdown menus. One being purchase our full brake line relocation kit (See link), our OEM proportioning valve location line kit (applicable for Honda’s only), or our DIY stainless hard line brake line kit which allows you to bend and flare your own lines using the same high quality material we do.


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