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Lexus IS300 & IS250 & IS350

The IS300, IS250 and IS350 are entry-level sedans that Lexus started producing for the world market in 2000. The IS300 was released to the U.S. market in 2000. The IS300 was followed in 2005 by the V6-powered IS250 and IS350. Due to the reliability of these cars as well as their stylish appointments, all three models are still seen on the road. You may not recognize some of them, however, as they are popular automobiles to tune up with aftermarket performance parts.

Lexus IS Model Performance Parts

Lexus IS300 performance parts, Lexus IS250 performance parts, and Lexus IS350 performance parts are designed to offer significant upgrades to the performance of the vehicles that came standard from the manufacturer. Common classes of parts that car tuners apply to the vehicles as they turn them into new driving machines include clutch kits, coilover systems, camshafts, intake valves, radiators, exhaust systems and throttle boosters, just to name a few.

Some of these parts and others can be hard to find, especially if you insist on getting the highest level of reliability and aesthetics. That is why Enjuku Racing has made supplying a diverse selection of Lexus IS300 performance parts, Lexus IS250 performance parts, and Lexus IS350 performance parts a priority. Whichever tuner part you need for these vehicles, we can supply them.

Who Invests in Our Components?

Because many Lexus models come with great performance and aesthetics straight from the manufacturer, it only makes sense that some drivers would want to sustain the car’s usual performance and appearance. While we do sell parts to drivers for this reason, these customers are in the minority. Most of our parts are sold to car tuners who want to redefine their Lexus in terms of performance and looks.

We’re Your Best Option for Parts

But don’t just take our word for it. Consider the specialized services we offer that many part suppliers don’t: offering only the most reliable parts, ordering parts that aren’t in stock straight from the manufacturer, producing custom parts, and providing customers with pre-sale and post-sale advice for selecting the right parts and implementing them in the correct manner. In terms of parts supply and customer service, we are a leading aftermarket auto parts supplier.

Order Your Lexus Parts Today

If you already know the parts you need to kick off or finish up your Lexus tuner project, select and order the parts straight from our website. If you need assistance choosing parts, or you have a question about how a part might figure into your overall tuner project, give our questions line a call at (352) 241-8399. We look forward to providing you with best in high class Lexus IS300 performance parts and more!