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AEM Air Intake

AEM Induction Systems is a U.S. manufacturer of high-performance, automotive induction systems, specializing in air bypass valves, exhaust systems, intercoolers, strut bars, air filter minder gauges and a variety of air intake systems and air filters. AEM air intake products are often found in professional race cars and street-legal vehicles that are tuned up with aftermarket performance parts to deliver a powerful driving experience that satisfies the need for speed.

AEM Air Intake Parts

Because AEM air intake parts are high-performance, race car inspired automotive equipment, they are a perfect fit for our parts inventory. That’s why we offer hundreds of AEM air intake parts that are great for defining the performance of race cars and redefining the performance of tuner cars. We are one of the largest independent carriers of AEM air system parts, which we offer for an exceptionally broad range of vehicle makes and models.

Who Installs AEM Parts?

These aren’t your standard air intake components. They’re designed to support powerful engine performance by providing the perfect amount of cold air intake and warm air intake at all times. In addition to maximizing air intake performance, these parts can boost fuel efficiency, which leads to better fuel economy. Consequently, they’re a perfect fit for drivers of race cars and souped-up tuner cars who love to mash the accelerator to the floor.

Are AEM Parts for You?

The easiest way to answer the question is to ask another one: Do you need standard air intake performance, or do you need performance that maximizes the capability of a race car engine or a powerful tuner car motor? If you simply want your car to perform as it did on the day you bought it, you best option is to purchase intake parts form an auto dealer or a mechanic. If you don’t need top-level air intake, there’s no reason to pay a premium price for parts that provide it.

Why Get Parts From Us?

There are several reasons, beginning with selection. In our store, you’ll find hundreds of AEM parts for different vehicles. Another benefit of making us your supplier is that we can order the parts you need straight from AEM if we don’t stock them -- and we also as accept orders for custom parts. Another advantage of making us your parts source is that we’ll always do our best to match what a competitor charges for a part if the price is lower than what we charge.

Place Your Order Today

Whether you simply need to buy an AEM air filter online or you need assistance selecting AEM parts to build a new air intake system, Enjuku Racing is the place to shop. To place an order online, just choose the part you need and proceed to the payment page. To receive assistance with parts selection, please call our questions line at (352) 241-8399, or email us at We look forward to supplying you with AEM air intake parts!