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Enjuku Racing cracks down on Credit Card Fraud and makes Online Ordering Easier.

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Enjuku Racing has been striving to make customer experiences better and to improve the ease of shopping with us! For Enjuku Racing this means maintaining tight online sercurity to help us keep our customers safe. Due to ever increasing Cyber Fraud Threats we have implemented a new partnership that will help us filter the threats from the real customers. As an online merchant we cannot overlook any form of fraud. This type of abuse ends up wasting our time and making our policies very strict.

Let's face it you're an honest customer and you want to order your stuff online without any problems.

Sick of not being able to ship to the shop where your car is?

Sick of not being able to ship to your friend's house down the street?

We have found a solution! Our new system has improved fraud detection and prevention tools, which is crucial to our success. With the addition of these tools we're now able to ship to altnerate shipping addresses in about 90% of online orders. No more worrying about being home for your package, have it shipped to your work, your shop, friend's house, etc.

*Please note that in some cases you may be contacted by us or on our behalf by our third party fraud filter system to verify your order. As long as you aren't fraud, we can take care of your online order!

Updates from HKS Speed Ring

Team Enjuku driver Cody Miles pulls off a first in class finish at HKS Speed Ring! With only a few days remaining before the start of the HKS Speed Ring competition Cody and his car were not in a place many racers would want to be. After encountering some issues his EJ motor needed to [...]

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How to Prep Your Car Before Your Summer Roadtrip

With summer just around the corner, many people are planning exciting road trips to kick off the warm weather. If you’re one of them, it’s important to prep your vehicle before you get behind the wheel and zoom off to a nice change of scenery. You can assure proper vehicle maintenance by having it serviced [...]

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Why Should You Have Aftermarket Performance Car Parts?

When considering different performance levels for a vehicle, some drivers regard only what is directly available from the auto manufacturer. Depending on the car, parts manufacturers offer different performance packages that can be quite impressive. But there is another spectrum of parts that can be used to maintain or enhance the performance of a vehicle [...]

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10 Essential Upgrades for Your Nissan 240SX

The Nissan 240SX is a sports car that was produced between 1989 and 1998. During that time, the car gained a reputation as a vehicle of choice for tuner car projects. That reputation is due in part to the vehicle’s relatively undistinguished looks, which make it a blank canvas for applying cutting edge, racing inspired [...]

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Enjuku Racing - Memorial Day Weekend. FREE Shipping Event

Enjuku Racing - Memorial Day Weekend. FREE Shipping EventNo Coupon Needed. No Order Minumum. Valid US & Canada. Excludes Freight Shipped items. IE. Body Kits, cages, Seats, Wheels...

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Team Enjuku Update

We've been hammering away on both Nate Hamilton and Kevin Lawrences builds over the last few months and were able to complete both in time to get them out to Formula D Road Atlanta! After a few tense moments, some driveline hiccups, and a last minute motor rebuild both cars are 100% and ready to do [...]

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Kevin Lawrence Pro2 S14 Build Update

We've been busy hammering away on Kevin's new S14 chassis for the upcoming season of Formula D Pro2 and have made some serious progress!In the last few weeks we've managed to prep, stitch weld, and paint the chassis. Along with the chassis prep we've installed the engine and transmission, turbo setup (made up of a [...]

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Enjuku Racing - iPhone / Android App Now Live - Download now

Enjuku Racing Iphone App now Live !!! You can now search and purchase all of your favorite performance parts via our iOS ApDownload it today and test it out! We will be launching special promotions and daily deals via the App very soon! Make sure your notifications are turned on!The Apple app store link: Android [...]

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Project G35 Update

Its been a bit since we've posted anything about our Project G35 as we have been super busy with our new Pro2 build and refreshing Nates chassis for 2016, but we finally got a moment to make some much needed upgrades.On this build we are focusing on making the car a great every day driver [...]

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