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Enjuku Racing | 5 Beginner Tuner Cars To Consider For Your First Project

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You’ve decided to embrace the world of tuning cars for ultimate performance and now you’re wondering about the best tuner cars to modify. This is more than a hobby, it’s an opportunity to learn, have fun, and end up with a great looking car. It can be overwhelming trying to figure out where to begin, but at Enjuku Racing, we’re here to help. There are tons of options for good starter tuner cars, but we’ve collected five of the best in one place.

  1. Acura RSX

    Best tuner cars The Acura RSX is one of the best tuner cars to modify because it’s a great introduction vehicle. In what is essentially a decked out Civic, you get a straightforward motor to play around with, and because it’s Honda you know it’s going to last forever. With its VTEC dual-overhead cam system it can go 0-60 mph in 6.7 sec. It’s a competent design even before you start modifying it.

  2. Nissan Sentra SE-R

    This is one consistently underrated performer, and there is one simple reason why: it’s a Sentra and Sentras aren’t pretty. The aesthetics of this car remind some people of some cheap car from the eighties, but it’s actually a remarkably well performing beast of a subcompact. The SE-R has an legendary Nissan SR20 motor which is literally worth it’s weight in gold. It’s capable of ridiculous amounts of HP and torque if you build it, and it’s sturdy as a tank. Because it looks so bad, you’ll be able to get one for cheap, and if you put the work in you’ll have the sleeper of all sleepers. The Sentra SE-R is definitely one of the best tuner cars to modify; a perfect reminder not to judge a book by its cover.

  3. Mitsubishi 3000GT

    Best tuner cars This is an odd one due to being the result of a seemingly strange collaboration between Chrysler and Mitsubishi. Despite its unprecedented origins, in the tuner community the 3000GT is respected as a one of the better early nineties models because of the enormous strength people can get out of this car. It looks pretty great even by modern standards, and with the right parts you can turn it into a menacing, street weapon than can smoke some it's more expensive competitors. The VR-4 is the all wheel drive version which is tough to find, but all 3000GT’s can be made to perform with enough effort.

  4. Toyota Supra

    As one of the best tuner cars to modify, the Supra is a favorite in the tuner community because of the infamous 2JZ motor that makes enough power to kill you exiting your driveway. It’s also supported by a robust parts market so availability is limited to your checking account balance. This car was made for a decade, which speaks volumes about its popularity and the wide component availability. Nothing is more frustrating that having to customize all of your parts because you can’t find them anywhere, but that’s not a problem you’re going to have with the Supra. The only thing rarer than people driving the speed limit in California is a stock Supra. This car was made to be modified.

  5. Skyline GT-R

    Best tuner cars This is the holy grail for car mod enthusiasts, and not just because of the awesome name. Uniquely striking and Japanese in its aesthetic perspective, the Skyline is the cream of the crop for those of you who want the best tuner cars to modify. With just a bit of tuning and the right parts you can unlock the mighty RB26DETT and all the glory it contains and have yourself a criminally fast, immensely powerful performance beast that earned the name Godzilla.

Let Enjuku Racing Help

For those of just getting interested in tuning, any of these cars is a fantastic place to start.At Enjuku Racing, we can provide you with the parts you need to modify many Japanese vehicles. As you continue to learn more about modification you’ll discover all the options available on our site. Visit us online today.

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